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Awards Gallery 1

The "Team" at ImageLair wishes to thank all those who
deemed the ImageLair Web site worthy of these Awards.
Award graphics without links means: web site is not online.
Image Lair stopped accepting Awards some years back)

World Best Website Award

Congratulations ImageLair
You have won the prestigious "World Best Websites Award".

Our team rated your site very high It is recognition of
your pursuit of best practices in website design,
as well as your hard work & efforts to develop a
high quality website.
It is reserved for great websites.
Display your award
proudly, it is an extremely tough one to earn.

Congratulations once again on an outstanding website
and a job well done. 
It's sites like yours that are leading the evolution of
the Internet. Keep up the fantastic work ! ! !

Rick Doran Director
World Best Website Awards

Excellence Award 2006


I found an amazing site.....a top level contribution to arts and to the web community. 

I found it to be informative, with a very nice design, easy navigation scheme and a pleasant layout, besides an accurate artistic work.

It's a very rare combination on the World Wide Web.

It's evident that you have put a lot of hard work into it and your effort and dedication shine throughout your pages. 

Only three out of ten sites win this web award, so you belong to a very small group of outstanding web artists.

Bel Art Web Project
Best regards from Portugal

Creativity Award


This "Creativity Award" is presented to ImageLair.

We like what we have seen. A Web Site well done, and 
easy to navigate. And most important, you have some good
information in this site. You have done a great job.
Keep up the good work.

Regards, Cre@tive / Crew
Exclusive Award Club for Webmasters

Creative Design Award

Congratulations ...
You have been awarded the "Toymaker Award".
This award has been presented to your site
for Heart and Creative Design.

Once again, Congratulations.
Sincerely, Toymaker

Web Excellence Award

We have visited your site and are pleased to 
inform you that you have won the 
"Golden Sea Award for Web Excellence".

Your site is easy to navigate, has nice layout and
graphics and is an excellent source for beautiful
computer generated art images.
Keep up the great work!

Mike Setterlund

Loadstar's Gold Award

Loadstar's "Web Design Award" is extremely difficult to
get and I would like to congratulate you on the
presentation of your site and offer you my "Gold Award".

Once more, I offer my congratulations. Sites like yours
make the Web a fascinating and informative playground.

My Regards,

WebbieWorld People's Pick Award

A Special Warm "Thank You" to all the loyal,
ImageLair Friends,
who made it possible for us to win
"The Peoples Pick" for the week ending May 2, 1999.

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