Special Note


To keep load times fast we try to keep the page sizes at 40k max for home pages and 50k max for subsequent pages.

Under "special circumstances" we may allow larger page sizes. We do realize graphics can greatly govern the size of a page, but keep in mind, large pages cause slow downloads and may result in visitors leaving and not returning.

Artistic (high image intensive) Web sites are the usual "special circumstances", but these too will be limited to a maximum size requirement.

We may assist with setting up e-commerce.


Changes to Sub Hosted Web Sites

Owners of sub hosted web sites are allowed five (5) minor changes per month (not transferable to another month) at no charge.

Minor changes include: exchange or repositioning of a banner or image, a word, sentence, phrase, or paragraph submitted to us by email with directions referring to the page and position it is to be displayed.

All major changes, and changes after the five (5) free minor changes allowed each month, are subject to an hourly fee at the rate referenced under Web Site Development/Layout.