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We go through life so often, 
not stopping to enjoy the day. 
And we take each one for granted, 
As we travel on our way. 

For in your pain and sorrow, 
An Angel's Kiss will help you through, 
This kiss is very private, 
For it is meant for only you. 

We never stop to measure, 
Anything we just might miss. 
But if the wind should blow by softly, 
You'll feel an Angel's Kiss. 

A kiss that is sent from heaven, 
A kiss from up above. 
A kiss that is very special, 
From someone that you love. 

So when, your hearts are heavy, 
And filled with tears and pain, 
And no one can console you, 
Remember once again... 

About the ones you grieve for, 
Because you sadly miss. 
And the gentle breeze you took for granted, 
Was just an Angel's Kiss.