To Help Pass The Time Away

* She Said *

she had dark skin with the bluest eyes
that I have ever seen
I fell for her instantly
I'm sure you know what I mean
I was young and full of fire
she was hot and wanted me so
we lived together on the island
tried to help each other grow.

time passed and she had my child
a big healthy baby boy
she loved me more than before
said I gave her life much joy
she offered me her whole house
if I would only stay
she said she needed me there
to help pass the time away.

 * The Sea Wall *

The sun slowly set in the west
lighting up the sky as I sat on the sea wall
watching fishing boats head out to sea
to answer Neptune's call
"the time was right for fishing" they said
"when the sun was not in the sky"
it all seemed rather strange to me
and I still don't understand why.

at dawn the boats would return
nets all loaded with fish
I'd wait on the sea wall watching
to see if I got my wish
each night I'd place an order
for a fresh catch of the day
this was just one of the things I'd do
to help pass the time away.

 * The Market *

Wood tables loaded with fresh fruit
veggies bread and cheese
anything you could want is there
remember to say thank you and please
when you're nice to folks in the market
you always get a better deal
sometimes they give ya stuff for free
have you any idea how could that can feel.

People are laughing and talking
they all got food in their hand
they speak in an island accent
that's hard to understand
but slowly but surly I am learning
I go a few times each day
it's just one of the things I'd do
to help pass the time away.

Jim Nasium