Blind Justice

A tailor brought the class action suit
when the baker said he kneaded the dough
they called in a farmer out standing in his field
and a traveler who wanted some place to go
the fisherman wasn't the only one who went to sea
a candle maker was standing there in the light
the doctor, the lawyer and street walker
were also there to share that night.

No one ever though it'd go this far
after all it was all based on hear say
the farmer couldn't produce evidence
not even to this day.
But never the less it only takes one
rotten apple to spoil the bunch
I thought it was wrong but what could I do
all I really had was a hunch.

I watched as they took him off to jail
another young man falsely accused
she sat there with a smile on her face
everyone knew she enjoyed being used
the judge said "this case is closed".
I sat there quietly on my hands
it was another case of blind justice
I'll never understand.

Jim Nasium