Lost On Dark Water

Lost on dark water
not sure what to do
we just floated on the water
the whole long night through.

Not knowing where we were headed
at first we didn't make a sound
it was dark and cold and we were alone
we didn't know if anyone else was around.

Lost on the dark water
high in The Andes
she sat very close to me
we hugged so we wouldn't freeze.

Not knowing where we were headed
we tried not to make a sound
but it's very hard to be quiet
when me and a lady start to get down.

Lost on the dark water
heading east from Peru
we didn't know where we were
but we knew exactly what to do.

We made love under the stars that night
as we floated on dark water to no where
her legs were over both sides of the boat
but she said she didn't care.

Lost on dark water
we didn't have a clue
our boat floated on the water
we made love the whole night through.

Jim Nasium