For one who is a self starter
and finishes what one starts

For one who has studied
and in the interim worked hard

For one who has set goals both
long range and short, for one
who has Dared Dream and
others dared to support

These words up above were
written for us all

For those who dare be different and stand uncommonly tall

So when life deals a blow
and the future seems on hold,

Press on, Press on,
be uncommonly bold

You've one life to live
and as your story unfolds
remember these words
Gibran" once told;
 "To understand the heart
and mind of a person look not
at what he (or she) has already achieved , but at what they
aspire to do"
These words of
are profound you see
because those who aspire still


If you must lose time,
let it not be in vain,
make each detour a challenge
and do not refrain,

For always remember
hard as it may seem,
on the lips of the fair,
there appears your name!

B.C. 1991 (copyright)

When Dreams Die, so goes Greatness