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If you must send an original, you must also send it certified return receipt along with a self addressed prepaid return envelope.

To any and all parties submitting any and all material(s), document(s), transparency(ies),  picture(s), image(s), negative(s) to ImageLair ( aka: "Image Lair, Inc.", "Art Gallery and Web Design by ImageLair, "The Lair", "Art Gallery by ImageLair ); though we try very hard to return to you, in the same condition we receive your submitted material(s), accidents can occur, so, it is hereby understood and agreed that in no manner, neither morally or legally, can/will/is ImageLair responsible for the condition and or return of any and all material(s), document(s), transparency(ies), picture(s), image(s), negative(s) submitted to ImageLair, that if an action is brought against ImageLair, any and all legal fees and costs are the sole responsibility of the party(s) bringing the action against ImageLair.

All prices/costs/fees subject to change without prior notice, services and products subject to availability.

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