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Contract Agreement

It is the sole responsibility of the Client(s) (Client aka; "customer" / "you") to read this policy/contract agreement prior to any services being performed by Image Lair, Inc. (aka; "ImageLair" / "us") if the Client(s) do not read this policy/contract agreement it does not invalidate this policy/contract agreement in any form or manner. Once custom web site design services and or other services commence, you understand that you will not be entitle to a refund on any portion of those services not used should you cancel any services.  You understand it is your responsibility to submit content for the development of the web site, this includes any graphics used except that might be produced by Image Lair, Inc.

ImageLair, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any and all services to any person(s), business(es), requesting Graphics and/or Web Design Services, or any other Services, including but not limited to, link exchanges, links to or for web site(s), persons, etc., containing and or presenting/representing any material we deem to be objectionable or offensive.

Examples of what we may find objectionable or offensive include web sites that promote pornography (including explicit nudes, sexual acts, bondage, etc.), violence, illegal activities, misleading information, or discriminatory practices.

ImageLair reserves the right to place it’s trade name(s), title(s), descriptive, and or logo(s), with a link back to any page on the Image Lair, Inc. website, along with any contact information, on any web site and or page designed by ImageLair. (normally we display the following with a link back to our "services" page: " Web Design, Optimization, and Marketing Services by ImageLair ")  For those Client(s) requesting a web site be designed by Image Lair, Inc., but want hosting and administration elsewhere, we may comply with those requests, but with the understanding and agreement that Image Lair reserves the right to post its trade name(s), title(s), descriptive, and or logo(s) with link to ImageLair as described herein, whether hosted through us or not, and that the Client(s) may not remove that posting without written permission by ImageLair.

Further, any Client(s) and or Client(s)'s Representative of a web site that has been/is/was/will be designed by Image Lair, Inc. acknowledges, understands and agrees to keep intact and displayed at all times ImageLair’s trade name(s), title(s), descriptive, and or logo(s), with a link back to one of our pages of our choosing on the ImageLair web site , whether a client of ImageLair or not, even if the web design client was a client of ImageLair and thereafter becomes a client of another firm, business or person, that any web site and graphics designed by Image Lair, Inc. are and shall remain the copyright property of Image Lair, Inc., that the copyright Client(s) notice only constitutes a visual lease of the web site, if an Client(s) cancels web design and or hosting services provided through or by Image Lair, Inc. the Client(s) understands that the web site designed by Image Lair, Inc. will not be transferred out of ImageLair's hosting account to another  hosting account unless prior arrangements are agreed to in writing, whether Image Lair, Inc. be the administrator or not, that no other design notice other than that referenced herein may be posted on any web site designed by Image Lair, Inc., that a violation of this agreement by the Client(s) and or Client(s) Representative will constitute a "Breach of Contract" by said Client(s), and said Client(s), whether a person or business, hereby acknowledges responsibility for any and all legal fees and costs incurred by either party, or parties, should a "Breach of Contract" action require legal intervention, and that all legal action(s) are subject to the Laws of the State of Nevada, USA.

Special Note for Owners of Sub Hosted sites/pages; ImageLair has final say as to content and design of any page and or web site that ImageLair sub hosts through the ImageLair Domain.

All prices/costs/fees/rates may be subject to change without prior notice, product subject to availability, and all work must be pre-paid and is non-refundable for any reason.

Image Lair, Inc. reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions from this contract agreement notice at any time. Your continued use of our site and or our web site design(s) following the posting of changes to these terms means you accept these changes.